Friday, 14 August 2015

Booklet published about Faith and Science: Can I, a Scientific Student, Believe?

A few years ago I gave a lecture at Amsterdam University College about faith and science, at the request of a student. The response was good then, and I still like the project, so I decided to publish this lecture as a booklet, in electronic format. This booklet is available for free and written in English. You can find more information below.

Can I, a Scientific Student, Believe?

A science student’s intellectual battle to unite himself to his religious parents. 

When his Jewish family invites Nicodemus to move with them to Jerusalem, he asks a religious scientist how faith and science can combine; but when fast answers are in short supply, he must both learn that faith requires serious study and that there is more to faith than knowledge alone, or his family’s convictions will remain beyond his reach forever.

The booklet can be downloaded without charge from this page.

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