Tuesday, 21 December 2021

In need of some inspiration while sitting at home? Podcast on being human in modern times: Freedom in Quarantine.

Emma Cohen de Lara and Daniel Bernardus discuss what modern thinkers commonly think is most important about being human.

Video version

Audio version

More on Leonardo Polo @ The Heights Forum.

The Canyons and Stars website.

Info / order "Freedom in Quarantine" here.

Thanks to Joost Bibian of BL productiesfor producing this podcast.

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Friday, 8 January 2021

"Win Win Win" has hit the shops!

 The day has finally arrived: our novel "Win Win Win" has been printed and is available for purchase.

You can use it as a creative way to build trust among colleagues, for example: read it together and discuss the book. I'd be happy to assist!

Click here for more info and orders.

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Publication Date and Cover Release of Win Win Win!

"Win Win Win" the novel by Lans Bovenberg, Manon Blanke and myself, will be published the 8th of January! The cover has now been released, you can see it below! 

"Win Win Win" tells the story of Miriam, an ambitious student who, on the verge of resisting her mother and independently deciding her future, is invited last-minute to a prestigious contest. She decides to join with two other students. She never expected them to become such a stumbling block. The team opts to attack the contest by re-thinking economics from a relationship angle. But as soon as the contest starts Miriam must learn in practice in what way money and relationships should truly combine. If not, her team falls apart and she loses the opportunity to follow her dream.

In this book you will discover:

  • What radically different attitudes towards life, communication and collaboration can look like
  • A mirror on our way of dealing with others that is not always comfortable, but inspiring and ultimately very rewarding
  • A source of deep conversations that help people

Giving this book signals your appreciation, trust and confidence. Discussing this book together is a method for identifying obstacles to trusting collaboration and overcoming them together. You want to build trust, and this book will help you make that a reality.

If you like an original gift that can really help a person, this is your book.

Click here to pre-order today via the website of the publisher, Amsterdam University Press: 

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Nice Mercatornet interview on "Freedom in Quarantine"

 Mercatornet was so kind to interview me about "Freedom in Quarantine", of which the paperback came out recently

I think the interview captures the core of the book quite well. Happy reading!

If you'd like to get a copy of the book, this website shows were you can find it.

Monday, 20 July 2020

" Freedom in Quarantine" has been launched and is available!

The 4th of July saw the online launch of "Freedom in Quarantine". This is a short summary of what happened.

In case you are interested in the booklet, it is available as e-book in these places. The print version will appear in October.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Freedom in Times of Quarantine. Free webinar!

Are you up for some quiet reflection after the so-many-th corona update? Discover powerful insights about freedom and how these are useful for you, also now!

Sign up here for the English webinar, Saturday April 4th 14:00 Amsterdam time: bit.ly/freedomquarantine A replay will be available for those who sign up.

Sign up here for the webinar in Dutch, Thursday April 2nd 19:30 Amsterdam time: bit.ly/quaravrijheid A replay will be available for those who sign up.

Is the future uncertain at times? Do you have big dreams, but is the road towards them not always clear? Do study or work not always easily combine with personal relationships? Discover that big thinkers have been tackling these questions for ages, and that they have very useful insights. Convert wisdom from the past into power for the future.

In the Spanish-speaking world the philosopher Leonardo Polo is regarded as an expert in the field of philosophical anthropology, which contains the philosophical study of freedom. His “lo radical y la libertad” (roots and freedom) is an impressive summary in 60 pages of the main points in the European though tradition on freedom. His work will open new horizons for you.
In “freedom in times of quarantine”, Daniel Bernardus will make the most important points of “lo radical y la libertad” accessible to you. He will explain the main questions posed, the answers given, and their internal coherence. In this way you’ll get an inspiring overview of the most important insights on freedom in European thought.

In “freedom in times of quarantine” you’ll discover:
- Why in modern times production and creative freedom are so highly valued and why that goes together with uncertainty. 
- Why the modern ideal of freedom has entered a postmodern crisis. 
- Why the classical view of freedom can give more serenity, but where it is lacking.
- What insights Christian thinkers have to offer about personal freedom.
- How we can combine the strong points of the different streams of thought.
- What that means for daily life, also in times of quarantine!

“Freedom in times of quarantine” is a free webinar that will help you get deeper insight into what freedom is and what that means for you. You can join live and ask questions or view it back later. If you like thinking about important questions in an accessible way, you will enjoy this webinar.

Sign up for “Freedom in times of quarantine” today and bring the wisdom of ages to your daily life!
Sign up here for the English webinar, Saturday April 4th 14:00 Amsterdam time: bit.ly/freedomquarantine A replay will be available for those who sign up.

Sign up here for the webinar in Dutch, Thursday April 2nd 19:30 Amsterdam time: bit.ly/quaravrijheid A replay will be available for those who sign up.