Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Crowdfunding can also be Artistic, Educational and Charitable!

I have a good resolution for 2013: do something charitable, and help others participate!

Therefore, I though of a 'crowdfunding drive' for Harambee, an NGO that supports education and development projects in Africa. Their philosophy is to help Africans help themselves, and they are doing rather well to achieve that aim.

The concept is rather simple. I wrote a poem for my statistics students at Amsterdam University College. You can buy the ebook online (here) and the author proceeds (about 85%) go directly to Harambee. You determine how much you pay for the book, as an indication I propose $2.99. Instead of buying the book you can also directly donate to Harambee (see their website). If you would rather not participate, but still would like to read the poem, you can also do that here.

If you would like to join my good resolution and tell others about this crowdfunding drive, that would be fantastic!

Thanks a lot, and a very happy 2013!

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