Saturday, 30 May 2015

4 Paradoxes About Our Personal Desires that will Make You Wonder

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely free? What it would be like to get to know the things you love as deeply as possible? What it would be like to always be together with the person you love most? And have you ever wondered why it is, that we have a great desire to be in these situations, but that these desires seem never to be fully fulfilled?

In this talk, given in a TED-like style, I take you on an exploratory tour of four paradoxes we find within us, related to our deepest desires. I explain why the natural sciences will never be able to explain these paradoxes, and under what conditions they could be explained. Finally, I draw some fundamental conclusions about the science and faith discussion.

These thoughts were inspired on prof. SellĂ©s description in “AntropologĂ­a para Inconformes” of the personal transcendentals that Leonardo Polo discovered. Enjoy!

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